Monday, March 8, 2010

Running Plans for Week of 03/08/2010

I ended up modifying my plans quite a bit last week (see below). There were days when I was not quite up to running the full distance I had planned, and some days I didn't feel like running at all. I was able to adjust my schedule and still obtain my two goals for the week: 1) 55 total miles 2) a long run of at least 35 miles on Saturday

Below is my updated schedule for March with my running plans for this week.

Two main goals of the week:
1) 65 total miles
2) Back-to-Back Weekend Long Runs of 30 miles Saturday and 15 miles Sunday

Lesson here is, don't worry too much about the day-to-day goals as long as you can set and reach weekly or maybe even monthly goals for yourself.

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  1. Hey Brian! Thanks for the comment on my race review! Actually-- I would LOVE to get into some longer races. I've one a 50K and a 6-hour where I ran about 37 miles, but I would love to eventually do a 50 miler or 100 miler-- if you have any you would recommend I would love to hear!