Monday, June 28, 2010

20/20 Weekend Runs

I haven't been very consistent with sticking to my schedule for the month of June. One of my weeks only had 41 total miles since I had a skin infection around one of the blisters I had gotten on at The North Face Endurance Challenge. That weekend off really started my inability to follow my training schedule this month. I won't even come close to my projected total mileage I had done at the beginning of the month, but I will still have a strong month in terms of total miles due to my last 2 weeks of running where I have totaled 153 miles.

This past weekend was no different. My schedule had a 25 and 15 mile run on it, and I ended up doing a 20.5 mile trail run Saturday morning and a 20 mile run on Sunday afternoon. Both days were very hot and humid. I concentrated on a run 5 mile/walk 1 mile approach. It really helped, as the 1 mile allowed for me to recover, cool down, rehydrate over an extended (14-15 min) period, and take in some fuel as well. Even with the run/walk approach, I was able to maintain at mid-9 min overall pace. I actually felt really good after each run.

Below is a video of my trail run on Saturday. It gets a bit crazy toward the end because I didn't realize that the hill(s) I was running were causing it to look like I was pointing the camera at the ground. And.. not sure what happened to the sound at the very end. I'll have to try to fix that.

Only 3 weeks until my next 50 mile race (upcoming races). 


  1. 20 and 20! That's good going, well done! I enjoyed the video.

  2. You sound like me- "Poor planning, starting at 9:30am instead of 6:30am" lol. I do that way too often- Actually today I had planned on running at 6:30am before work but fell asleep last night without laying out all of my clothing. : ( Luckily it was cooler out after work.

    P.S. Thank you for the garmin comment.