Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Inspiration and Motivation

In the past year, I have read many articles, monitored many websites, and subscribed to many blogs looking for people with similar goals as a source of inspiration and motivation for me to reach my own goals. Along with the blogs I currently subscribe to (see About Me), I am an avid member of the website

I want to inspire and motivate others to reach their goals. Whether it is running a 5k or a 50k, I want others to know that if you put your mind to something, and you love doing it, you can obtain that goal. I hope my blog provides guidance, inspiration and motivation for others to reach their goals.

I also hope to find new friends with similar goals and interests. I enjoy reading about how and why others run. It motivates and inspires me to continue to strive to achieve my goals when I see others working so hard to reach theirs.

Always feel free to leave comments and ask questions -- I want to provide inspiration and motivation!

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