Friday, February 19, 2010

Personnal Bests

I don't emphasize obtaining personal bests (PB) or personal records (PR) as part of my normal training. For example, I don't plan that on a certain date, on a certain run, I am going to attempt a PB. My emphasis is on completing my miles I have planned for the week.

The way a PB happens as part of my training is like this. I go out and begin my planned run. On a rare occasion, within my first mile, I feel I have great energy and a great pace. As I run that first mile I make a mental decision as to whether I can maintain a strong pace and give 100% on for the entire planned mileage. At that point I commit myself to making this run an attempt at a PB. Below are some random PB (mostly training runs)

Official Runs/distance

Distance    Time    Pace    Date
26.2 Miles 4:01:15    9:11    10/18/2009

Unofficial Runs - used Garmin for time/distance

Distance    Time    Pace    Date
4 Miles 0:28:38    7:09    10/14/2009
7 Miles 0:52:48    7:31    12/22/2009
10 Miles 1:16:32    7:35    02/18/2010
26.2 Miles 3:50:14    8:47    11/28/2009
31 Miles 5:06:07    9:54    12/12/2009


  1. These are great! You keep a great pace! I'm glad you posted this, I'd like to measure my times against yours to see how close I come! Keeps things fun ya know? I'll try your methods for achieving a PB though and I think only good things can come!

  2. Thanks Jenaé! I look forward to following your training toward your first marathon!