Thursday, February 18, 2010

Running Plans for Week of 02/15/2010

I have a very unsophisticated planning mechanism for my running schedule. I basically plan out my month based on an upcoming race or goal. In this case, it happens to be my goal of completing a 50M race in April 2010.

So, what I do each week or 2 is write out the miles I want to run each day for the remainder of the month. I always have a "total monthly miles" goal in mind. For example, for Feb. I had a goal of 200+ miles and by Feb. 10 I had a total of 49 miles for the month. I knew I wanted to concentrate on back-to-back long runs, so that is the basis of my schedule. Current schedule totals 218 miles for Feb. You can see how some days don't go as planned, so the miles are adjusted accordingly.

Here was my plan from 02/10/2010 thru 02/16/2010:

Here is my updated plan based on my missed run yesterday:

Like I said.. very unsophisticated!

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