Thursday, April 1, 2010

9 Days and Counting..

I'm actually getting a bit nervous about my upcoming race (Labor of Love 50 Mile). Not so much that it's my first 50 miler, but more-so that I've been doing the majority of my training throughout the winter in Ohio and have only had 2 descent mileage runs this Spring in temps above 50 degrees.

Looking at the forecast for the race:
it's going to be warm (at least from a northerner's perspective). I've read a lot about how heat affects your performance, and definitely have experience in running in the hot, humid summer temps that you can find in central Ohio, but, still nervous.

As far as training goes, I've been fairly on-track with my training schedule the past 2 weeks. I did fall way short of my total mileage goal for March, but was able to still set a new Personal Best for a single month with 213 miles. What does this mean? A new mileage mark to surpass in April!

In other news, last week I received my two new pairs of Brooks running shoes. The yellow/red are Brooks Green Silence and the other are Brooks Ghost 2. I will be wearing the Brooks Ghost 2 April 10. So far, I really like both pair. This is my second pair of Ghost 2. They are fairly light-weight and have good support for long distance road-running. The Green Silence are so lightweight. I believe they are 6+ ounces. I ran a 22 mile run this past Saturday in them and they felt great. I'm hoping to be able to eventually transition to minimal shoes such as this for all distances I run.

9 more days.. it's hard to believe!!


  1. Its getting too warm too fast, why cant we have 50-60 for a couple months, I have a 12 hour endurance bike race on May 1st, starting to think its going to be mid 80 low nineties at it.

  2. You are going to do great! "Plan the run...Run the plan"- a motto of a fellow running club member and "ultrarunner". Definitely know what you mean about the "warmer" temps affecting the race. Had that issue w/ the National Half. Best of luck! :)

  3. I sent you an email in reference to your comment, in case it went into your junk folder.