Tuesday, March 23, 2010

And the tapering begins, or did it already?

The tapering actually began last week unexpectedly. Sometimes things really don't go as planned and it's best to listen to your body and modify your schedule, rather than adhere to the schedule and tear your body down. It's important for me to remember that what I'm doing is meant to be fun and to reach my goal. I'm not a professional athlete by any means, and there's no reward for tearing my body down when it's telling me it's time to rest. So, this past weekend, instead of completing my planned 40 mile run, I opted for a 15.5 mile run and a rest day. Although completing a 40 mile run would have given me a huge confidence boost leading up to my next race, the rest was really what I needed. So, last week I ended up with 33 miles instead of the planned 60. Thus, the beginning of my tapering started before I had planned.

This week I have 52 miles planned. My every-changing schedule for the remaining of March and through April 10 is as follows:


  1. I've been there too. Not quite that much milage, but having to do less than I wanted. You are in such great shape though,I don't think you will have any problem come race time. The main thing is to stay healthy and not be injured. I've never done an Ultra, but, I most certainly would think, you need to be as strong/healthy/rested as possible before one of those. :)

  2. Hey Brian,

    I just found your blog, I also in Columbus, north of 270. I have found people to follow in Cleveland and Cincy, now finally found one in my own city.

    Enjoy the taper, even if it started early. Your milage is impressive

  3. Just found your blog. Love the way you record your mileage--nice and low-tech, which is all that is needed if you ask me!

  4. Hi Brian, thanks for visiting my blog. I look forward to following your ultra progress. You just reminded me of an ultra i did way back in 1999 that i need to blog about. i won overall female but the best part of it was that the late Johnny Kelly (father of the Boston Marathon) was there. He was probably about 92 years old then too but he presented me with my award, i ate lunch next to him and got to take a few pics with him. Priceless!

  5. Thanks for all the comments.. enjoy getting feedback on my posts. Hopefully they will improve as I write more and have more experiences to share!