Friday, May 14, 2010

May 2010 Training Update

To summarize May's training so far, couldn't get much better than this:

- I've stuck to my aggressive training schedule. I even added in an extra 6 miles this week.
- Added in a hill repeat workout once a week. I think this will definitely be beneficial. My first hill repeat was 4 miles. Second was 6 miles. Hope to increase this to 10-12 miles eventually. And, find a steeper hill.
- Added in weekly trail running
- Lifting is going well. I have only missed one workout and that was due to a bicep injury I incurred this week. Will have that checked today to see how it will impact my lifting over the next few months.
- Nutrition log is really helping with making sure I am eating the right combination of proteins/carbs/fats/calories. I think this has had a major impact on the quality of my workouts.

Updated Running Schedule Through The North Face Endurance Challenge on June 5:

I'm most likely going to change the my running plans for the week of the race to almost daily shorter, high intensity training. My lofty goal of 286 miles for May seems unattainable -- guess I'll see how it goes!


  1. you are so dedicated with the running! very inspiring to say the least. 21 more days for your race I see. good luck with the tapering and i hope that bicep is not tweaked too much and you can get back to the lifting. can't say enough about the benefits of weight training. good stuff!

  2. Thanks, KC! It ended up that I tore the tendon that connects the long head of the bicep to my shoulder. Going to an orthopedic surgeon next week to see what my options are. My shoulder was a bit sore today as I got a couple hours into my run, but I don't think it will affect my running. Hopefully, I can still do weights with exercises that minimally involve my biceps.