Sunday, May 9, 2010

Trail Run at Highbanks - May 9, 2010

With The North Face Endurance Challenge Race quickly approaching, I have started trail running to help prepare for the race. There aren't a lot of options for trail running in Central Ohio, but I did find a pretty descent place that's fairly close to me. Today was my second consecutive Sunday running this trail, and I increased my miles from 8 last Sunday to 18 this Sunday. I would like to get one more long run in of maybe 25 miles next Sunday on the trail as a confidence builder for running trails.

As I was running today, I realized that I am really more comfortable running on trails than I am on the road. It just seems more natural to me. I'm pretty sure if I lived somewhere that had an abundance of options for trail running, I would rarely run on the roads anymore.

Here's a clip of today's run:

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  1. I absolutely *love* these run video entries!!! I love the sound of your running along with how you mention that you're enjoying it and smiling! You're the best Brian! :D