Monday, May 3, 2010

Monthly Training Plan - May 2010

Last month I had a really consistent month of running and working out.

A couple notables about April 2010 training:
  1. New single month mileage high: 234 miles
  2. Sixth straight month of 200+ miles per month
  3. Started a new ab/core/lower back routine. 2 days on, 1 day off. Great workout.
  4. Switched to strength training for lifting. Will do this for the next 12 - 15 weeks.
  5. Started maintaining my nutrition log beginning the last week of April
Plans for May include:
  1. Continue strength training workouts trying to increase strength
  2. Started Insanity workout routine
  3. Maintain high mileage month to prep for second 50 mile race on June 5
Running Plan:


  1. Wow! That is an amazing amount of running mileage for the month! Very impressive. I've heard all good things about Insanity. Never done it myself, so I'll be interested to read up on your progress.

  2. Wow! that insanity workout looks great!! Where's your 50miler? June 5 that's sooo soon! :D

  3. p.s. you inspire me like crazy!! I love it!

  4. I wish I could accomplish 1/2 of that! Good luck in your upcoming race.