Monday, May 24, 2010

Week in Review

The past week of running turned out to be a more typical week for me. Only one day did I actually run the miles I had planned at the time I had planned. I'm fine with this though. I'm totally flexible with my training plans as long as I finish the week with 1. The same total number of runs I had planned 2. Nearly the same mileage I had planned.

This week turned out to be just that:

I broke up the week into several different types of runs to make it more interesting:

- Tuesday was an slow paced early morning run - started at around 4am.
- Wednesday was a fast paced afternoon run - almost beat my 10 mile PR.
- Thursday was hill repeats
- Saturday was trail running
- Sunday was late afternoon training in the sun and heat (finally!)

Overall, my training for the month is going nearly as planned. My original, lofty goal of 286 miles has only dropped to a projected 279 miles. I have also been able to maintain 60+ mile weeks for several weeks now. Below is a picture of my weekly mileage since the completion of my first 50 mile race. I hope this is an indicator of good things to come in my June 5 race.

For the upcoming week, I have 57 miles planned. It is going to be really warm this week. I'm going to take advantage of that by running most, if not all of my runs in the late afternoon to further acclimate myself to running in the heat. I'm expecting my race to be warm and humid, so this should be good prep for that.

Finally, my monthly running log is currently as follows. I can't believe there's only one week left of May. Time flies!

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